Thursday, July 19, 2007

Application Process

I sent my application package towards an admission (keeping my fingers and toes crossed) for the January 2008 intake.

Days later, on May 17th, I got a friendly email saying that my application is complete and that I will be considered for the second round. And the wait officially started!

7 (long long) weeks later, I got a very nice email on Friday July 6th from the admission committee saying that I was shortlisted for the interview.

July 6th was the deadline for interview notification so if you do apply, be patient: I heard from others that INSEAD most often times send the interview notifications at the last minute :)

A week later, on Friday July 13th, I got another email with my interviewers contact information. The INSEAD admission process includes two separate interviews with alumni.

My 2 interviewers are both impressive:

- One is a business owner, a Canadian company with a national reach.

- The other is a partner at Bain & Co.

Shortly after I called my parents and friends to share the good news, I sent emails introducing myself and requesting a meeting date.

To my surprise, both were pretty fast at replying and within 48 hours my interview dates were set:

I will be meeting with the first on Friday July 27th and meeting with the second (I bet in a very fancy office) on Tuesday July 31st.


Anonymous said...

All the best with the interview!!!

shravan said...

Dude.. My journey starts now. Vexed with what i'm doing now so hoping to make a career change by joining INSEAD.. any help would be much appreciated. thanks

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